Neo-nazi and black metal star Varg Vikernes arrested in France

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Anders Behring Breivik fan, Varg Vikernes has been arrested today in France for allegedly planning a massacre.

Black metal musician and neo-Nazi sympathiser Kristian “Varg” Vikernes was arrested in southwestern France on Tuesday after investigators decided he might stage a large “terrorist act”, Interior Minister Manuel Valls said. The police suspect the Norwegian national of planning a “massacre” and searched his house for weapons and explosives.

Vikernes, 40, a well-known black metal musician in Norway, was arrested with his French wife Marie Chachet after she recently bought four rifles, Valls said in a statement.


Vikernes seems to have issues, though. In 1994 he was arrested and subsequently sentenced to 21 years in prison for murdering his band mate Euronymous and setting four churches on fire.

Before committing his crimes, Breivik sent Vikernes a copy of his manifesto which, apparently, the black metal star has been using as a source of inspiration.


The photo illustrating this post is via his blog where he posts lengthy rants about immigrants, jews, People of Color, Muslims and feminists.

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